How to Use Lash by Maya Serum?

Eyelashes serum Lash by Maya

Nothing gives you instant confidence like batting your eyelashes. Eyelash serum from Lash by Maya will give you the long, luscious lashes of your dreams. Eyelash serum from Lash by Maya is the key to beautiful, healthy lashes!

The serum can transform your natural lashes from short and sparse to rich and beautiful without requiring eyelash extensions or mascara.

But how do you use this powerhouse product? Because in order to get the best results from the serum, you need to know how to apply it correctly. In this guide, we'll not only show you how to apply Lash by Maya Eyelash Serum, but we'll also give you tips on how to avoid any potential unwanted effects.

So, whether you want to get thicker, longer lashes or just healthier-looking ones, follow this guide to learn how to use Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya correctly. Let's get started!

What is Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serum is a liquid product that helps condition and strengthens eyelashes. The most important ingredients in Eyelash Serum are vitamins, proteins, and conditioning agents. Eyelash serum from Lash by Maya also contains peptides, which help promote lash growth.

Eyelash Serum is used not only to promote lash growth but also to make lashes stronger and healthier – giving them a fuller, longer look.

How Eyelash Serum by Maya Works?

Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya contains nourishing ingredients that help condition and strengthen your lashes. It also helps promote lash growth – giving you the luscious, full lashes of your dreams.

The Eyelash Serum works by coating each lash with its nourishing ingredients. This helps strengthen and condition your lashes, making them look longer, thicker and stronger.

It also helps promote new lash growth by stimulating the lash follicles, which encourages new growth and helps lashes look their best.

How to Use Lash by Maya Serum?

To get better results, use lash Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya every day for 30 to 90 days, depending on the wanted length and stick to the steps below.

Remove any contact lenses:

First and foremost, remove any contact lenses before applying Eyelash Serum. Eyelash Serum should not come into contact with contact lenses, so remove them before applying it. After 10-15 minutes of application, you can change them back in.

Clean your eye area:

Before applying Eyelash Serum, make sure you clean your eye area with a gentle cleanser. This will ensure that Eyelash Serum will stick to your lash line and not skin oils, dirt or makeup. So you can actually get the desired results.

Apply Eyelash Serum:

Once you have a clean eye area, it's time to apply Eyelash Serum. Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya frequently comes with an application brush or spoolie. You can apply Eyelash Serum to your upper lash line at the base of your eyelashes, working from the inner to the outer corner of your eyes.

You can either use a brush applicator or a spoolie to apply Eyelash Serum. With the brush, you should make sure to coat your lashes evenly and with the spoolie, apply Eyelash Serum to your eyelashes as you would mascara.

Once the Eyelash Serum is applied, wait a few minutes for it to dry before applying your regular makeup. Make sure not to rub or pull at your Eyelash Serum as it's drying, as this can cause Eyelash Serum to clump.

Remove any excess serum:

Once Eyelash Serum has dried, you should remove any excess serum from the corner of your eye. To avoid irritation and the chance of hair growth elsewhere, wipe away any excess serum from the corner of your eye.

Clean the applicator:

It's important to keep Eyelash Serum clean and free of bacteria. To do this, make sure you wash the applicator with warm water and mild soap. When you're done, return the applicator tip to the Eyelash Serum tube.

To prevent irritation or infection, throw away the applicator after each use if you're using Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya.

And that's it!

5 Pro Tips for Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya

1. Apply Eyelash Serum at night:

No matter what Eyelash Serum you're using, always apply it at night and not during the day. This will ensure that Eyelash Serum is totally dry before you apply your makeup or go to bed. And it'll also give Eyelash Serum some extra time to do its job!

2. Don't over-apply Eyelash Serum:

Eyelash Serum should be applied sparingly. Applying too much Eyelash Serum can cause it to clump and cause irritation. So, make sure you only use Eyelash Serum once a day and apply it in a thin line on your upper lash line.

3. Don't apply Eyelash Serum to your lower lashes:

Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya is designed to be applied only to the upper lash line. Applying Eyelash Serum to your lower lashes can cause it to spread and cause irritation. So, be sure to only apply Eyelash Serum to your upper lash line.

4. Don't share Eyelash Serum:

Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya should never be shared. Eyelash Serums can contain bacteria, which can spread from person to person. It's best to use Eyelash Serums only for you and never share them with anyone else.

5. Don't use Eyelash Serum if you have allergies:

If you have allergies or sensitivities to Eyelash Serum, don't use it. Eyelash Serum can cause irritation and other serious side effects if you're allergic to Eyelash Serum ingredients. So, make sure to read the Eyelash Serum ingredients before applying Eyelash Serum.

Following these tips will help you get the most out of Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya and achieve long, luscious lashes.

Final Take:

Nothing says bold and beautiful like Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya! Eyelash Serum can help you get the luscious lashes of your dreams and make your eyes stand out. Eyelash Serum is easy to apply, but be sure to follow the tips above, so you get the most out of Eyelash Serum from Lash by Maya.

With Eyelash Serum, you'll be the envy of everyone around you!

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